The best Atlanta BBQ restaurants

Imagine, one day you are traveling around the United States, and on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, your stomach starts grumbling. Suddenly, you can smell a delicious food scent that will make you salivate at once. With no doubt, you will say, “A BARBECUE SMELL!!”, and starts running toward the smell direction. One thing you should learn, if you are craving for barbecue, there is not any substitution for it. Well, congratulations. You have arrived in the right place to enjoy your barbecue.

Atlanta actually does not have its own distinct of barbecue. But Atlanta specialized in many kinds of barbecue, like Kansas City rub or the vinegar based North Carolina sauce. Everyone has their own preferences.  These barbecue places in Atlanta are simply irresistible. So, for the people who are on a diet, prepare to break your diet. Pulled pork, baby back ribs, beef or chicken can make you order it more and more.

If you have a big number of people joining you for barbecue, enjoy it at the barbecue spot like Williamson Brothers or Zeiglers. Or you prefer to enjoy music while feasting on your barbecue, come to Daddy Dz or Fatt Matt’s Rib Shack. So, anything your barbecue preferences, whether it is a large rack of ribs or chicken smothered with sauce, you will always find a barbecue restaurant which suits your taste. Do not forget to add cold beverages to your barbecue platter. Some interesting side dishes like coleslaw, baked beans, fries, macaroni, cheese or other dishes can complete your full stomach.

Here are the 10 most wanted barbecue spots in Atlanta from USAToday Travel.
They have a fabulous burger made of chopped brisket, pimento cheese and strips of bacon on top.
Local Expert Tip: “Buy a bottle of Fox Bros. barbecue sauce or the wing sauce, for a delicious barbecue at home.”


This is some of the most creative barbecue to be found in the city, with its unique Korean flavor.
Local Expert Tip: “Blink and you could miss it. Keep your eyes peeled for their banner in front of their store, which is located next to a convenience store.“


Long been a staple on the barbecue restaurants list for years, there’s great live music to compliment to terrific food. Local Expert Tip: “Read the Band Schedule, so you will know who is performing before you go.” Learn also about getting around in Atlanta here.


Daddy Dz has long been top rated by local Atlanta publication.
Local Expert Tip: “Chill to the live blues performances on weekends at Daddy Dz.” This is part of Atlanta’s history.


Beloved by neighborhood residents, this has quite the following, with customers lined up on the weekends.
Local Expert Tip: “Expect a 15 – 20-minute wait on weekends.“ This place is extremely popular with retirees who came to settle here.


Located in the trendy Virginia Highland neighborhood, they’ve elevated the status of barbecue.
Local Expert Tip: “They have a tradition of having guest bartenders. They have a fantastic cocktail list too, so don’t miss out.“


Big Shanty Barbecue is a mom and pop restaurant that has been voted Best in Atlanta in 2009.
Local Expert Tip: “The restaurant closes early on Sundays and is closed on Mondays.“ For the city’s tourist attractions, go to this post.


There is an incredibly smokey flavor imparted to this barbecue and worth the long drive to Acworth to get it.
Local Expert Tip: “They do a great job with catering gigs.” This is all part of the great Atlanta culture.


This restaurant has been a staple in the Marietta community for years. They cater to many of the local office events.
Local Expert Tip: “Get discounts at Williamson Bros. when you become a fan on the company’s website.”


Solid barbecue with very moist meats and fresh cooked Okra.
Local Expert Tip: “The restaurant provides really good value for the money!“