Atlanta’s History

Atlanta was incorporated in 1847 making it a city and then during the Civil War, it became a major target for the Union army. In 1864, the city burned down because of Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, thus in the famed Gone with the Wind, it was portrayed and surprisingly Atlanta recovered in a few years.

It continued to be strong and then Atlanta won the right to host the 1996 Olympics, which led to much recognition for the city. The Atlanta population has reached 4.7 million as it has become an ever more popular place to live and play and work.

Many Newspaper owners, bankers, politicians and city leaders, Industrial giants who based themselves here, included Coca-Cola, who were called “boosters” gave gifts to help establish the city since it was labeled as the “New South”.

The City of Atlanta convinced the world of its prosperity and also visionaries like CNN founder Ted Turner and ex-mayor Andrew Young worked very hard to make the city even better.

Today the City of Atlanta continues to improve on what it has. Always adding to its glitz and glamour, making better things happen and becoming even more visited as the years pass. This is a town that many love no matter what part of the world they are from. It is impressive from what it came from and what it continues to be and will be.

Atlanta Tourist Attractions

Atlanta is a major city with over four and a half million residents. It hosted the 1996 Olympics and is an important business center. Atlanta Tourism Attractions are many and varied and the city is a marvelous location to visit. Nicknamed the “Crown Jewel of the South” there are many Atlanta Attractions to suit all tourist tastes and while you are visiting the great city of Atlanta many will want to visit the Olympic Park specially developed for the Games. This wonderful Centennial Olympic Park is still one of the main attractions in Atlanta and has 21 acres of land and 500,000 commemorative bricks and flags that honor the nation.

There are plenty of museums, theatres, nightlife, and restaurants as well as other attractions in Atlanta and you’ll find that there is always something to do, or some Atlanta Attraction to visit. For instance, if you’re into shopping there more than enough shops to spend your money in while you are in Atlantia Georgia. There are some very unique Atlanta attractions that you will definitely find impressive and interesting, like the impressive Georgia Aquarium.

Atlanta has the largest museum dedicated to the art of puppetry. An experience for young and old and all who visit love it. You’ll spend hours just admiring all the things in the museum and seeing the puppet shows. A different type of Atlanta tourist attraction is that it has the oldest continually running ballet company in the country, which is impressive in itself, but wait until you see the performances. Not to mention all the other shows in the city, which you should take in as many as you can. Atlanta is filled with culture and you’ll enjoy seeing as many of these tourist attractions in Atlanta City that you can.

Another important tourist attraction is Underground Atlanta – a huge underground mall that covers six city blocks. So if you’re into shopping, dining and entertainment are all in this wonderful underground little city visit over one hundred outlets. You won’t be bored when you are visiting Atlanta and there are also plenty of festivals year-round to visit.

The City of Atlanta, since it was incorporated in 1847, fought hard to protect its dignity and hosting the 1996 Olympics led to much recognition for the city and a great boost to its tourist attractions. Atlanta is a more and more place to live and play and work. It is true that Atlanta tourism is growing rapidly as well. After you visit the area you will have to agree that there is something very special in green Atlanta.

So start planning your visit and schedule in some of the best Tourist Attractions in Atlanta – go to the other posts in this Atlanta Guide to learn more about what you can see.