Atlanta Georgia Culture

Atlanta is the cultural capital of the South and it is your ticket to the finest arts adventure. Get ready to have a great time as you walk along the city streets, see the best Atlanta attractions, visit the museums and take in the shows in the “Crown Jewel of The South.” It has a great museum dedicated to the art of puppetry (Center for Puppetry Arts), a marvelous experience for young and old and all who go to it love it and enjoy the shows and history.

Atlanta also has the oldest continually running ballet in the United States and this record is impressive in itself, but wait until you see the performances. You will just love it. While you are at it you may wish to take in a symphony or orchestra concert also and Atlanta is famous for the performances. These will please you even more.

There are Broadway Shows, Comedies, Symphonies and a whole lot more. Fine dining, casual dining and nightlife galore, this is a town that likes to have a lot of fun. Whether you are interested in loud boisterous places or quiet and serene you can pick from that to in Atlanta. The tourists love the area and its history because the people that live and work there are so very nice. You will see why so many people love to call Atlanta their home and why they love to show other people from all over the world how truly nice it really is.

Atlanta Theaters

See as many as you can. Sit back and let them entertain you. There are great shows put on by the Atlanta Ballet, the contact information is (404)873-5811 1400 W. Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA and the Atlanta Broadway Series, the contact information is (404)873-4300, 620 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA. Book your tickets as soon as possible as the shows tend to sell out quickly.
For Atlanta festivals click here.

There is another delightful Atlanta Theater that you and your whole family will adore. It is an experience to see at the Center for Puppetry Arts Museum and Theater. There are performances for adults and children alike and everyone is welcome (see also the video above).

At this theater, puppets come alive and tell you the story in such an ingenious way. It’s a great afternoon or evening out for you and the entire group. Then you can visit the interesting puppet museum after the show. There are workshops and hands-on exhibits at this Atlanta theater museum for all kind of fun and entertainment for the whole family. The contact information is (404)873-3391 1404 Spring St NW Atlanta, GA.

There are many more Theaters in Atlanta and you will be pleased with the shows on offer. See this post how to get around in Atlanta and check out a few examples here:

Rialto Theater
(404) 651-1234
80 Forsyth St Nw
Atlanta, GA 30303

Alliance Theater
Atlanta’s premier playhouse.
1280 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA

Center for Puppetry Arts Museum 
Performances for adults and children alike.
1404 Spring St NW
Atlanta, GA

Fox Theater
Broadway musicals and other shows are performed.
Tours available.
660 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Ballet
1400 W. Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Broadway Series
620 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA